Hydroseeding or Hydroseed

Hydroseeding New YardWhat is Hydroseeding is a question asked by many people around the globe? We will explain hydroseeding and how we do it here in the United States and mainly in Louisiana. Louisiana is a unique area especially in the southern part of Louisiana. South East Louisiana has a variety of soils that make hydroseeding a little more of a challenge then it may be in other areas. Our soils vary greatly depending on where you are and if your lot had to be filled with new dirt to bring it up out of the flood plain. More on this later but lets answer your question, “What is hydroseeding?”

Sprouts Seeding Of SE Louisiana

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What Is Hydroseeding?

This a planting procedure that uses hydraulic equipment’s to scatter a thick suspension of seeds, water, and mulch into and on to the land. The slurry is scattered over the ground using a sprayer tank, transported by trailer/truck to the location. In case of a large section, small aircraft or helicopters are used to disperse the mixture. However, if you lack hydraulic equipment you can employ manual methods to spread the mixture and grow the lawn. This is the basics of this procedure.

Hydroseeding In Louisiana

Below are the different types of soil here is SE Louisiana. This is the area from Baton Rouge to Slidell and then to New Orleans and Houma Louisiana. This triangle area has a wide variety of soils that I have listed below.

Types Of Soils In SE Louisiana:
1. Sand –
2. Clay –
3. Red Dirt –
4. Top Soil –
5. Dirt Mixture
6. Mud backfilled with sand or dirt-

The Mississippi River runs through this area and has deposited a lot of sand and river silt over the years before the levees went up for flood protection. Your hydroseed professional takes all this into consideration before starting the job.

Popularity Of Hydroseed

Lately, the procedure has gained much popularity as an alternative to the traditional way of spreading dry seeds & then lying down mulch being the separate top layer. The main reason the procedure has gained popularity is its abilities in supporting rapid sprouting & growth of seeds as well as preventing soil erosion. In addition, the procedure is easy to use and very effective, making it popular among most homeowner as a technique of planting grass. In addition, (USDA site) hydroseeding planting technique is applied in the land reclamation especially after a fire. In case of a wildfire, a level of soil stabilizer is laid down to help curb erosion and avoid the introduction of non-indigenous plant species. Therefore, the procedure shall help homeowner cover a large region with lawn beside being a key process towards environmental conversation.

Quick Grass Growth

Hydroseeding allows quick grass growth, typically within seven days. To ensure the lawn spreads faster and healthy, offering conducive growing environment is crucial. Keep the seeded mixture moisturized always to maintain the germinating seeds growing. In addition, avoid walking over the growing lawn till the grass is well established and strong. Uphold the healthy nature of your lawn by regularly mowing whenever it grows to 1/3 height to your usual mowing height. Plant a beautiful, healthy lawn in your home today by simply using hydroseeding technique.