Benefits Of Hydroseeding

Ideal Lawn With Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a seed and mulch combination to plant. This planting process is usually used on large scale scenarios for example on large scale plantations, especially where the ground has already been prepared in advance. The seed and mulch combination is usually carried in a truck or trailer mounted tank. Hydroseeding may also be applied using aircraft whereby the seed and mulch slurry is sprayed over wide areas such as burnt forests where it is used to restore vegetation in the forests. There are a few benefits that arise from the use of hydro seeding as a planting method. These are outlined below.

Benefits Of Hydroseeding

- Coverage: hydroseeding creates an ideal lawn that is thick, which in most cases looks like a mat. The mat is created by interlocking fibers. This is so much unlike hand planting which normally results in the lawn growing in patches leaving other parts of the ground bare.

- Control erosion: hydroseeding is ideal for erosion control. It holds moisture and protects the soil against effects of the sun, rain and wind to protect. It therefore protects it from soil erosion.

- Environmental safety: hydroseeding is a safe environmental friendly way of growing lawns that is harmless to kids, pets and the rest of the environment in general.

- Reduction of manpower: one other important benefit of hydroseeding is the fact that it cuts down the required labor to accomplish a certain amount of work. It cuts down by more than half the man power needed to accomplish the same amount of work that would have been completed using hand planting method.

- Quality: hydroseeding provides a healthier and far much greener lawn than hand planting or sodding applications. This is attributed to roots are established deeper into the soil therefore avoiding the shock of being transplanted into foreign soils.

- Speed: Hydroseeding is a faster way of growing a lawn than hand planting or sodding.

With benefits like this, using the hydroseed process makes a lot of since. Having your yard green in a matter of hours and grass growing shortly thereafter makes hydroseeding the proven source. The benefits of hydroseeding usually out weight other ways of getting a nice grass filled yard.