How To Do Hydroseeding

What Is Hydroseeding And How To Do It

Hydro seeding has become a most popular and effective method for starting any new lawn. Hydro seeding process usually started with grass seed, fertilizer, water and fiber mulch and even lime.

Advantages of Hydroseeding

Planting the lawn by hydro seeding has so many advantages than the other method of planting such as laying method and convectional seeding.

Advantages of using hydroseeing include:

1. SPEED – The lawn area that has been planted through hydro seeding process and then properly watered will start to germinate in a duration of 7 days. Under normal conditions, new lawn is usually well established in a length 3-4 weeks. Thus If one plants a large area, hydro seeding can thus be completed in a short period of time.

2. The Seeding – Hydro seeding allows a costumed seeding of lawns with the types of grasses that will thrive best for your climate, soil and even irrigation. In addition to that, you can use different types of seed in different areas in the farm.

3. THERE IS Even Distribution – In hydroseedding, Seed spreaders usually do a generally good job of spreading all seeds. The dye is even included in the slurry and thus the spreader gets a write feedback on the distribution of the seeds. The coverage is usually 100% sure.

4. COST – Hydro seeding method typically less costly .in other method there is purchasing of sod which is expensive. If the labor charges are even used the process is extremely expensive. In Hydro seeding it will cost a range of 70%-80% less and the end product gives an equally distributed lawn.

5. HEALTH – Hydro seeded grass starts out in soil, where you place is not subjected to transplant shock that can occur when your soil is different from the original soil the sod was grown in. Hydro seeded lawns always grow in healthy form and are full to crowd out of weeds and have high resistance to diseases and pests.

6. COVERAGE – Hydro seeding creates a good covered area that helps to forms a crust which holds seeds in firm place and retains water and fertilizers.

If one plants a relatively large area, the process of hydro seeding can be finished in a very short length of time.

Hydro seeding is usually very effective for hillsides and sloping lawn this is because they help in controlling and reducing the process the soil remain fertile and more productive.

In hydro seeding the results of seeding are usually quick with high germination rates that produces grass growth in a week and the mowing maintenance beginning at a period of 3 to 4 weeks from the initial date of dispersion .Fiber mulch also accelerates the growing rate by maintaining moisture surrounding the seeds.