Hydro Seeding Louisiana

Hydro Seeding Growth In Louisiana

Why hydroseeding continues to grow in Louisiana especially in the growth areas of Denham Springs to Slidell, LA. This whole area is growing with housing and commercial development. For Louisiana the seeding method of method of choice to get a yard full of grass.

Hydroseeding has become incredibly popular over the past few years. It is the new fast method that people are using to sow their yards and farmers to sow their fields. Do you want to have a new lawn that will definitely make your neighbors turn green with envy? This is the best option to select. It is a guarantee that you will be totally impressed by the benefits that come along with this process. We are based in Denham Springs, LA and service the area of Walker, Watson, Baton Rouge, Livingston, Hammond and more. Just call us for an estimate.

What Is Hydroseeding?

Before taking a look at the benefits of hydroseeding, it is probably best to explain what it is. It is basically the process of combining the seed, mulch and fertilizer with water to mix in a tank to produce a thick slurry. The slurry is applied with great pressure to the ground for seed germination. The hydroseeding slurry is then applied with pressure using a tower or a hose onto the soil. This creates the perfect environment for the seed germination process.

Merits Of Hydro-Seeding

- The most obvious benefit is that it is incredibly fast. You can cover a large tract of land within a very short time. This is so much easier when compared to the traditional dry seeding techniques. Within a week the seeds start germinating and in about 4 weeks there is an established lawn.

- Secondly it is very cost-effective. It costs slightly more than those traditional methods of using dry seeds and a messy straw mulch. However it is cost efficient when you consider the amount of time that you spend planting the seeds. In terms of time, labor and materials needed for the planting, hydroseeding is incredibly by far cheaper than other methods.

- Finally, the straw that is used for mulching in dry seeding methods comes with weed seed. This is not the case with the hydroseeding mulch. You can be sure that you will not be dealing with weeds at all. The lawn will come up fast and you will not have to spend a fortune weeding it. These are just some of the innumerable benefits of hydroseeding and that is why it continues to become more and more popular here in South Louisiana where the growing season is so long.