Hydroseeding Equipment

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Hydroseeding Equipment

Hydroseeding equipment allows seed to be planted by spraying it over prepared ground. The process is also referred to as hydraulic mulch seeding, hydro-mulching, and hydraseeding. The planting mixture distributed in the hydroseeding process is called a slurry, which is a watery combination of seed and mulch. Some slurry mixtures include manure, cement, or coal. The means of planting requires hydroseeding equipment such as large tank either truck or trailer mounted. These vehicles drive to the site where plangent is required. For larger and remore areas sometimes helicopters are used.

The Advantages Of Professional Hydroseeding Equipment

Applications cost less than regular dry ground applications that have to be covered by straw. In addition, hydroseeding saves time. In one spray you get seed, mulch, and the first watering. The seed is more apt to germinate quicker when applied with water and mulch all at once, too. This also means that those who run a business hydroseeding can fit in more work in one day and make more money. It’s a win-win process for gardner and hydroseeding contractor.

The Benefits of Hydroseeding

Treated areas have a pleasing green color. Of course, germination is relative to area and climate, but seeds do sprout quicker when using hydroseeding. Another area of benefit is to your soil. Straw can leach nitrogen from your soil, but the humus content of your lawn benefits as the mulch decomposes. Hydroseeding allows you to customize areas where you want to plant, too.

Hydroseeding Equipment

Hydroseeding equipment comes in models smaller than the truck and trailer mounted types. The small size is often for golf course and schools, the medium size is often for new lawns and most other projects. The large size is the truck and trailer mounted models which are the strongest, and uses mechanical agitation to initiate the spray.

Seeding areas tend to fair much better with hydroseeding. It’s also is the most economical means of planting and distributing seed. It costs 3 to 4 times less than sod, and takes less time. It produces healthier, longer lasting grasses, nicer looking lawns and crops because the root systems grow deeper into the soil.

If your business or your lawn are in need of hydroseeding it’s worth it to find yourself a professional for the application. They will know exactly what type of mixture and seed to use on your soil to produce the best finished product.